Apps I Love: Triage

Apps I Love: Triage

triage1I get an enormous volume of email every day, with several hundred received every 24 hours. Dealing with the volume is minimized a bit by utilizing Gmail filtering, which is absolutely brilliant. When mail is received, it gets filed into various folders such as mailing lists, fxphd support, fxguide press contacts, software development lists, and newsletters. In the filters, I set each to “Skip Inbox”, so they don’t show up in the Inbox. This leaves my inbox count with only direct communication I have with others, which includes time-urgent emails, non-urgent emails, as well as a few emails that don’t fit the filters.

But that’s still a lot of email to deal with and if I’m not on my computer for a while, I can easily have more than 50 emails waiting for me when I get back. That’s where Triage comes in, an incredibly simple iOS app to deal with my Inbox. It is basically a “stack” of snippets of the unread messages in my Inbox that allows me to do the following:

  • Flick up to mark as read, so when I get to my computer it’s not in my unread smart filter
  • Flick down to “keep”, which keeps it as unread so that I can deal with it when I get to my computer
  • Click to view the full message if the snippet isn’t enough
  • Reply to the email or forward it

In a way, it’s a super simple Mailbox. But I personally love the focused simplicity of what it does.

Which is helps me keep control of the emails that I truly need to deal with in a timely manner

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