os x software: launch bar

os x software: launch bar

My OS X software recommendation for this week is Launch Bar, a nifty unobtrusive utility from Objective Development. I’ve grown to appreciate simple utility applications, ones that aren’t bloated with too many features or looks.

This app is simplicity at its best. Install it and have it start on log-in. ¬†When you hit a hotkey it’ll bring up a small bar just below the OS X menu bar. Type a couple of letters to find something you’re looking for and it’ll search through various items such as Applications, Address Book, recent documents and more. I’ve dramatically reduced the number of apps in my Dock, as it’s actually super easy to launch apps this way.

I’ve re-assigned the Spotlight hotkey (Command-Spacebar) to call up Launch Bar. A simple (Command-Spacebar) and a “c” and “a” on the keyboard will launch the Calculator. “e” + “v” quickly calls up Evernote.

I miss it whenever I’m on a mac without it, which is a good sign of whether it is of value.

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