Apps I Love: Fantastical

Apps I Love: Fantastical

It may seem as though I’m calendar-obsessed, but frankly it’s a critical part of what we do in the collaborative workflow of fxguide and fxphd. In the Chicago offices, we have several calendars which we use to track production, term needs, and even my (insane) travel schedule.

I also love apps that are cleanly and simply designed — they look great and just work.

Put these two things together and I’ve come to rely on an app called Fantastical, which places a calendar icon on your menu bar. By clicking on this icon, you can see at a glance what you have planned for the day (or the next week by scrolling down). It’s nicely presented and always there to refer to.

But the real killer feature imho is the ability to quickly enter appointments in a human readable form. In the example to the right, I’ve simply written:

record fxphdod on monday at 5pm

And it correctly enters the event into my calendar. It’s not perfect, but it works extraordinarily well most of the time.

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