Three Stolen Bikes

Three Stolen Bikes

On October 29th, three bikes were stolen out of our garage. They were actually locked to rings on the wall — and the cuts were clean so it looks like some bike thief pros. The CAADX was less than a week old (and I was really loving it).

Two of the bikes are pictured, here. I’d appreciate any heads up if you happen to come across one of them on the market. You can reach me via email: johnmont (at)

Details as to the makes/models:

56cm Scott CR1 Team (Black & Red) with  HED JET 4 Wheels 

(Serial Number TBD — docs are back in Chicago)

51cm Cannondale CAADX 105 (Black and White)

Serial Number EM33381

50cm Specialized Dolce Apex (White & Green) 

Serial Number WSBC 602 059 086F

Two of the stolen bikes – Cannondale on the left and the Scott on the right


The Specialized Dolce Apex
The Specialized Dolce Apex



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